Here at Avalanche Trucking we believe that no job is too big or too small. We welcome all inquiries to discuss potential service opportunities. Avalanche Trucking continuously strives to meet our commitments with well maintained equipment and competent employees.

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Potable (drinking) Water Trucks

​​All of our Potable Water Trucks and Tankers are thoroughly inspected and certified as well as sanitized. Monthly, Avalanche Trucking submits water samples to Northern Health to ensure that the water we are supplying is worthy of our clients and customers.
Our Potable Water trucks have been supplying services to many different industries and are readily available for many different tasks including:

  • Drilling rigs
  • Industrial camps (showers, drinking water etc)
  • Residential purposes (filling hot-tubs, pools)
  • Residential/ Commercial/ Industrial tank fills

Sour and Sweet Produced Water/ Waste Tankers

The Oil and Gas industries have played a big part in Avalanche Trucking’s business.

We have been safely transporting contaminated water for multiple major Oil and Gas companies from their plants to disposal as needed as well as:

  • Fracking water
  • Produced sour water
  • Other Liquids

Our drivers are trained in loading and offloading sour fluid and the transportation of dangerous goods as well as the proper use of H2S monitors and Scott Packs.

Fresh Water Trucks / Tankers

No matter the job, or the amount of dusty road in need of being controlled, our Fresh Water Trucks are there for your services. With a fleet of reliable and certified trucks and employees, dust control comes naturally to our company. Our trucks are equipped with spray bars and in-cab operator controls. We are continuously environmentally cautious, and only fill up our tanks from water sources as permitted to do so. When filling from fresh water sources, our truck hoses are fitted with fish screens and load as regulated to make sure no harm is done to fish and habitat. Not only do these particular trucks supply dust control, but past jobs have included but are not limited to:

  • Supplying fresh water to firefighting crews
  • Filling drilling rig tanks​
  • Ice roads
  • Dust control



Avalanche Trucking has diversified into hauling logs.
We’ve never been afraid of the mud and muck, we are proud of our staff’s ability to adapt and take on new challenges. Whether we’re moving water, gravel, lumber or anything else we are proud to get the job done right.

Gravel Trailers

Avalanche Trucking has belly dump and end dump trailers. We have been using these trailers for strictly sand and gravel but if your company requires other materials transported or hauled, give us a call and we are more then happy to expand our services and work out any new job opportunities with your company.

Tow Tractor

Our tow tractor has many versatile job descriptions and comes equipped with a qualified operator. It is available for assisting trucks and other equipment into locations as well as clearing locations and roads of snow. If required for long distance jobs or camp, our site trailer is readily available to be brought out for the job as well.

All Details & Service or Rental Fees Can Be Discussed —  CONTACT Us Today!

Rental Equipment

Our rental equipment includes light towers, generators and water sheds. If you require any of these pieces of equipment to be delivered that’s no problem for us. We can easily have our employees and service truck make their way out to your location.

Skid Steer

Heavy Tractor


In the spirit of diversification you may see our trucks pulling logs instead of water. We are a flexible company able to meet any challenge!